For those who've asked and those who wonder what I do on an average day...

some of it's glamorous, some of it not,

but I suspect my likes and habits are significantly different than most...

There are 3 pages with pix/vids/info. This is now complete, but I welcome all questions

about my daily life and will post replies.

Everyday We Write The Book... 

Most mornings I try to ensure I've gotten at least 8 hours sleep. It's for maintaining a healthy body and mind since my sexlife is rather unconventional. Sleep is the best-possible panacea.  Since I don't drink, I love buying and having whatever it is I drink in wine and champagne glasses, even if it's just ice-water, grapefruit juice, pineappple juice, pepsi diet free or smoothies. Margeurita glasses work too!  As most of you know I'm also a singer so I doooooo sing in the shower. I bring my puppy Pepper into the shower most Fridays to bathe her since she always tries to run away. I'm an IRISH SPRING girl if you're interested...I have heavy hair because of my ethnicity so it needs more time to wash, condition. I shave everyday because any skipped days I pay for later.  I'm not a morning person but I've been working at turning on some 70s/80s tunes on the bluetooth speaker in the bathroom and getting in gear. Most mornings I work out before hitting the shower. I do 1 hr of intense aerobics or I go to the gym. Today I'm walking to a nearby Metro which is about an hour's walk.

I'm pretty into TV shows like BULL and LUCIFER, LETHAL WEAPON and THE BIG BANG THEORY but part of my nightly ritual is watching retro shows like IN SEARCH OF (I have the box set) with Leonard Nimoy, Hart To Hart, Magnum, Simon & Simon, Charlie's Angels and lately Hogan's Heroes or GreenAcres. I find the old shows charming and sweet and sentimental. But once the lights are out nothing beats OTR!

I'm especially partial to JOHNNY DOLLAR and CBS Radio Mystery Theater.

I've got the collections but I like listening on the OTR stations because frequently they

also play old commercials in tact with the programs themselves.

I've included a Johnny Dollar file above if you wanna hear what I listened to last night.

Listening to OTR makes me feel connected to the past most people have forgotten about and to a time when people

and the world was much kinder, softer, sweeter, less chaotic and harsh.

Old commercials are great fun, especially the cigarette commercials

Breakfast is something I've had to become good with eating. For years I was a coffee and toast or sometimes bowl of cereal type. It was dazzling how much my day changed when I started eating a proper breakfast. Friday's are my one indulgence day when I can have thngs like brown sugar in my oatmeal or cream of wheat, pancakes or french toast and bacon. I didn't eat meat for the first 20 years of my life so it took years for my biology to learn to process it; and I'm not much of a 'pork' person (let alone bacon) so this usually ends up in the tummy of a guest, friend or my puppy Pepper. That's a week's worth of treats for her.

Time to clean the puppy!

Always been a big tea drinker but this last year invested in various tea sets and every flourish you can imagine, not to mention an ocean of teas both boxed and loose-leaf and have become a "tea-time" person. Not eating crumpets but shy of that yes -- finger sandwiches, croissants etc...

I don't eat sugar much but now and then having the cubes is so cosmo! Our celebrity house-guests love not only the services themselves but the "Tea-Room" upstairs equipped with chess, backgammon and a fire-pit!

Some dogs love the water but near as I can tell Pepper hates it!

Or at least she hates the shower...

or being wet...or bathing...or...who knows!

She's always a sad sack!

She's been chewing through her squeaky toys until they don't squeak and then she's depressed they don't squeak.

One of my fav songs of all time!


The rituals of readying myself for whatever happens each day are sometimes monotonous. One wonders if the natives in the jungle had it better when they rolled off a dirty such-and-such and went prowling around the tropics with their wherewithall in the winds! Modesty might be overrated.

Inspired by people I 'love', I like to approach life like a journey filled with an exotic countryside of places to see, wonders to awe, people to roll in the hay with up in the barn before starting on the quest again the next morning.  Planes, trains, road-trips with carefully-chosen music playing is where it's at. I especially love rolling into a new city in the dark of late night on a train.

(Some of my train-vid above)

Tablet users pinch and expand to zoom. Use dots to progress

Most know I love movies and have a jaw-dropping collection, including old black-n-white movies.

Everyday I try to watch a great movie or tv show I love. I did some work to put the opening screens for

THE DARK MIRROR with Dehavilland as well

as the latest FATHER BROWN episode I watched on

one image taken of my 200-inch projection screen.

Along with genuine candy-machines and a great bar/popcorn machine the living room

is a great home theater.

The difference is there's a bed in the room

instead of a couch, great for watching

movies, tv or just a fab romp!