Never a good idea to try to live your whole life in one day.

I hate feeling at the end of the day that I accomplished nothing

unless that's exactly what I was trying to achieve.

Soup can be sexy!

2016 I devoted my cooking focus to becoming a master soup-maker.

Without seeking any outside pointers or recipes or info, I gave

a great deal of thought and planning on how to best go about

making amazing soups. What I discovered was not only perfect, but many

others I know found my approach surprisingly inventive and have now

adopted it themselves.

I'm especially keen on broccoli, cauliflower and spinach combos.

If you'd like my "secret" or even a bowl of my soup I'd be happy to

bring one with me so you can be impressed 


I'm sure it's not surprising to you if you're white that every

brown girl in the world wishes she could be blonde.

Great strides have been made in the science of melanin but even

Britney isn't a natural blonde.

If you've seen her natural hair-color it's startling to see how

some people are apt to be striking and gorgeous solely

because of DNA/RNA.

Some men prefer the mystique of the swarthy woman; but it

might be true that blondes have more fun simply because

when we go blonde we do it as a choice to change our lifestyle

to be more fun and so we make more

adventurous and sexual choices.



Today I ventured into the arena

of baking and made blueberry crisp!


EVERYDAY I'm always trying to add color to my life through

what I choose to do with my time.

For those who don't know, I paint.

I admit that I don't spend as much time drawing and painting

as I should. My boss/man is regularly fetching me hundreds of

dollars in supplies and encouraging and nagging me to do devote

more of myself to it; but I do tend to procrastinate. I use my

boudoir when I have my easel up.

Brit herself recently took up painting just for fun. I tend to be

a bit more aggressive about my expectations on myself.

If you haven't seen THE COLOR OF NIGHT with Bruce W. you

should check it's fascinating to watch if nothing else.

Being brown might make me more intrigued by

color who knows but I do know that I love bright colors like

orange and yellow and I try to keep fresh flowers around the

house with those colors because I feel it can profoundly

influence someone's mood and frame of mind.

If I had my way we'd retro back to the 70's when everything was

sparkly and shiny and glitzy and neon and gauche.

Love it!


I'VE HAD SO MANY PEOPLE ask me about my size and

why I'm so small and have such heftier breasts.

They're 100% natural I assure you! Inspect if you like!

Fetch an expert! Trust synthetic wtvr it is they put in

them these days to make them feel as natural as possible.

I don't care what anyone says, they don't feel natural

and never will. Either way, I was born with some intriguing

physical oddities after my parents had 4 miscarriages.

I was the golden child! -- their miracle!

But with some pituitary and thyroid issues I was unnaturally

small and fragile until I was 10...which is when

my breasts began growing.

And kept growing long after I stopped at 4 foot 10.

They are 34 J and 100% genetically-endowed.

They're my birth-rite by DNA and nothing else.

It is also why I work-out sometimes as much as twice/day 

7 days a week and don't loose weight the way others do.

Hypothyroidism means that while I actually eat quite healthy

chemistry is my interferes with

my metabolic machinery. I've learned to live with it.

It's also responsible for my libido, so there's some advantages.

Anyhow...I hope this explains my little stature.


Men and women are as different to play with as

honey is from smoke. I don't consider myself bisexual.

Britney refers to herself as "omnisexual" which I mostly

consider myself and mostly have become.

Omnisexual fundamentally means that, as long as it's

sexual in nature (as you see it), it excites and interests you.

You might not do it yourself but it excites you that others

do it; and it definitely gets you off to think about it, watch it,

hear it, hear about it happening.

If you have limits in this arena you're not omnisexual.

I have some limits so I consider myself an

omnisexual-in-the-makingAs far as the pleasures are

concerned regarding women versus men, there's no sense

comparing apples and oranges.

Men are rough and hairy and strong and fierce and their

minds function a specific way that influences every minute

I spend with them, including sex. And I love it.

Women are the apples to the oranges,

the honey to the smoke.

I had my first intrigue with the idea of sex with other girls the

first time I talked to Melissa Joan Hart with my boss.

I was thereafter excited by the idea and have had

hundreds of experiences since then through my day-job

and just general social life. Sweet as honey.


As most of my VIPs know, because of my

long-term romantic and professional relationship

with my (most) significant other, I've had access to

meet and even have sexual experiences with quite

a few well-known celebs: it's far from an everyday experience. Most days (maybe as many as 350 days

a year) I have little or no direct contact with these

people. I'm mostly a worker-bee. However, if I'm

fortunate, I am able to sit and eat and drink and be

'one of the gang' so to speak and, yes, become

entangled in whatever 'fun' ensues if it ensues in

my presence. My GFs and I are not romantically

involved at all but it's inevitable we kiss or

make-out or more when we're together.

It seems strange to me to not consider anyone

I spend time with as 'eligible' for fun.

Girls always kiss much better than men with few

exceptions, our bodies are softer and move

more gently and fluidly. Then there's the smells

and pheromones. I've had hundreds of experiences

with other girls and loved everyone of them.

It's rare for a week to go by without having some

very intense sexual experience with at

least one other woman.

It's always sweet and golden climbing inside

another woman's sexuality, turning her on,

pushing her buttons, making her jerk and churn

and gasp and clench her teeth and say things she'd

never say when she wasn't horny.

Some women are 'hornier' than others, that can't

be denied but I think it goes without saying that the

less sexual you are, the less likely you are to be as

happy or have as much fun in life.

Horny is good

I'm especially into eating a girls

ass when it's as jaw-dropping as Britney's or JLO's and a handful

of others. That...and if a girl

mounts my face and just sorta

grinds and churns there

and is a bit bossy and dominant.

Mostly, it's about whoever the girl

is that makes the experience.

Every one is different so -- as with

men -- every experience is as

different as the girl I'm with.

Guys are very into girl/girl fun but you'd be surprised how many feel uncomfortable when it's actually happening in front of them.

Well, that wraps up A DAY IN LIFE for me.

Sometimes its glam as hell and the rest of the time it's pretty humdrum...comparatively.

I often go from having some of the most powerful/famous people under the roof to

making egg-salad  -- sometimes in the course of minutes. It's a bit surreal sometimes.

When I'm not being a P.A. I'm being what I like to think is a pretty cool 'call-girl'.

When I'm not traveling, I'm bumming around the house or out with friends.

When I'm not with my boss/(most) significant other, I'm probably with my dog.

When I'm not painting or writing, I'm probably watching movies.

When I'm not trying new things I'm probably enjoying the tried-and-true things I love.

But no I don't do drugs and never have, I don't party, I don't drink, I don't even have a car.

I don't have tattoos and I'm just 'the type' to even think about getting one.

I tend to be very zany, fun and love to sail and spend time with people who

make me more interesting by association.

I get up, have some cream soda and a bagel and say "good morning" to the world

happy to be alive with another day ahead of me.

I take care of myself, I take opportunities when they come and I laugh a lot.

I'm sexually-adventurous/cosmopolitan but also thoughtful about how I go about it.

I love Scooby-doo and House, older music and would jump at the chance to go to Mars.

I consider myself smart and dumb, skilled and unskilled, sexy and not-so-sexy.

I am a disaster and an achievement.

I'm many things to many people and I love that!

Everyday is a winding road...and every day I write the book of my life.