In celebration of FEBRUARY (meaning purification) I propose we all embrace

P  U  R  E   S  E  X  Y!

And since "1" is the loneliest number, and it IS Valentine's moment in the LOVESUN, let's make it twice as nice with a sugary slice of my PIE (wink wink nudge nudge, say no more, say no more). Is it just me? or is MONTY PYTHON friggin' HILARIOUS?! And Hogan's Heroes (my newest addiction). Damn! Classic TV had great theme songs. If "2" isn't for you then maybe "3" will set you free!?

WTVR your number I can help you slumber...did you know when males

orgasm their body releases a sleep agent (prolactin) into the bloodstream?!

I 'KANT' believe it's already FEBRUARY and in no time we'll be able to be half-naked and sweaty in public! Today is ABOLITION of Slavery Day but not complaining that I'm a SLAVE TO LOVE or for you...Happy time for all you PISCES and AQUARIUS out there! Amethyst symbolizes piety, humility wisdom and sincerity so let's all be sincerely sexy and humbly have as much fun as we possibly can! On this day in 1861 the dike broke in Gelderland, Netherlands...let's you and me break your dike and make a flood! 

It's Ronda Rousey's birthday today! I've had the pleasure of meeting her and hopefully one day the pleasure of eating her! Hehehehe It's also Pauly Shore's BDAY (I actually think he's pretty funny especially in ENCINO MAN) and Brandon LEE would have been 52 today.

If you're not a fan of THE CROW there's something wrong with you: and if you don't like BRUCE LEE movies there's definitely reason to have your head examined.

I'm looking forward to making this not only the best month of my life so far but the best month I can make of others' lives. That starts with... 

optimism -- The Future's So Bright...I gotta wear shades...

WTH...Here's some Python

Someone needs to explain to me why I keep watching the movie "Assassins" over and over and enjoying it so much!

GOOD MORNING all you yummy-cummy-in-my-tummy chums!

Here's hoping the day is as cheery as this =>

and twice as sexy! It is GROUNDHOG DAY

friends and countrymen so lend me your ears

again and again until we get it right.

Great movie! If only life were so kind as to let

us do everything as many times as it took to

perfect it!

Speaking of movies, with this being the Valentine Month having watched several movies this

past few weeks of this motif I thought  I'd make a list of some somewhat-off-the-beaten-path

flix that are romance oriented but might put one off romance indefinitely because the

women are all a bit crazy-as-a-loon. 

original sin (Banderas/Jolie)

Splendor in the grass (Wood/beatty)

under suspicion (hackman/bellucci)

femme fatale (Romijn/banderas)

eye of the beholder (judd/mcGregor)

oleanna (macy/eisenstadt)

the crush (silverstone/elwes)

single white female (jj leigh/fonda)

marnie (hedrin/connery)

mandy lane (amber heard)

swimming pool (rampling)

final analysis (gere/basinger)

burnt offerings (reed/black)

This would be funny if so many people didn't consider it true.

So, instead it's just crazy af

In honor of the month i'll be

posting these classic toons that

my man loves so much...

love this song!

And remember! I'm an important part of this delicious, nutritious breakfast! I'm like Frosted Flakes...I'm Gggrrreeeaaaattt!!

Not a credible

weatherman but

they sure are cute!

gunna go watch the movie now!

Let's hope we DO get an early spring!

Who doesn't love this legendary voice?

"It's Almost Like Being In Love..." --Nat King Cole

What would you do with an infinite day?





3) EAT wtvr I wanted 'til I got sick

4) HAVE AS MUCH SEX AS I COULD BEFORE PASSING OUT, pref  some place exotic





Izzy (Shakira) turns whomping 40 today!

And Farrah Fawcett would

have been 70 today!