6 is the smallest positive integer which is neither a square number nor a prime number. In this case this 6th of this month should down in history as the first time an NFL team came back from a record-breaking deficit to win the Superbowl! Wasn't really rooting for either team but the whole game seemed awfully suspicious.


When I was six I saw ANGEL FALLS. It's one of my only clearer memories from that early in my life. I was on my father's shoulders

and eating something similar to crackerjack and the sight left

an indelible imprint on my psyche as things like that tend to do

at that age.

When The Angel Falls...

I mean that is ridiculously HAWT!!

Philosophers rise and fall like nations

and towers...but amid every touch of turmoil and every unforgiven, graceless folly

there are two things that survive --

the need to heal solitude

and the mistake of reamassing it

-- Amy D.

Loved "The Pina Colada Song" enough to buy the vinyl album and loved this song!

A girl's gotta think about her nutritional needs.

Strings on a guitar

Sides of a Die

Minutes Dougie D you're on

Senses to experience sex

Sides in the honeycomb


Cum get stuck in my honeypot

Seriously...they're called tromBONERS

"Sorry teacher...can't get up to go to the board

at the moment...got a wicked tromBONER"

Get Lucky!

A term that's been synonymous with sex for decades...and you don't even need to eat or wear your LUCKY CHARMS.

Just pluck my apple...

There's nothing forbidden about this fruit.

As some of you know I own the complete boxset of the show and have watched the entire thing from A-Z some 50+ times.

In the 7th episode of the 7th season "The Joy Of Sex" dares Red

to become more sexually adventurous. So why not commit yourself today to do one sexually-daring thing with me you've never tried! Below are some of the unique sexual things I've done. I was shocked to discover most others have't done them!

"I'm not bad...I'm just drawn that way"

"I'm no drama queen...

I put my shoes and sophocles on

one at a time like everyone else..."

-- Amy D.

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Tuesday is "FireDay" in Japanese.

Let's light a fire you can hold in your hand!

Strike a match and let's blaze!

Spader (One of my Actor-Gods)

shares his BDay with Dickens!

Watching "THE 7TH SIGN" with Demi Moore.

Today's POLL: Would you want to know before your child was born that you were giving birth to a messiah/devil?

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