I missed so much of the cool culture of the 70s/80s! I don't believe in fate or the occult or that there's any certainty in life. I believe in now...and here...and what two people can create with nothing more than desire.

Except for Old English from which we get the word WEDNESDAY most cultures relate WEDNESDAY to the planet Mercury!

For those who don't know the English still use the term "Rumpy Pumpy"

One of the numerous adorable sweet things that I missed in the 70s are commercials and SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK!

I love going on youtube and watching old commercials...they were so sentimental and touching and charming! And Schoolhouse Rock was just so deliciously cute and sweet!

Ive got the entire collection on video and audio! Click the pic!

Most of the ice

has melted...

but theres always the colder corners of ourselves that need some flame and heat to keep us from becoming cold and apathetic...

Lemme be the fire for a day...


Japaneseah man

sayah "Me so happy meah gottah

Yuja Wang"

The TOP 8 SONGS OF 1988


Since most cultures and languages relate WEDNESDAY and Mercury, I decided to check out some info about the planet and, of course, as many of you know, because D. is autistic I tend to gravitate to movies about autistic characters. He and Bruce are friends. Love this movie! If you havent seen it, never too late

Lego Batman Rocks!

I'm a huge fan of the BATMAN BEGINS redux of the BATMAN franchise and absolutely LOVED the LEGO movie.

Very excited about this next chapter!

I really have no way of gauging if people are enjoying this MEME OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

So for the time being I'm going to suspend the 1.5 hours or so it takes daily to create it.

Not a narcissistic egomaniac who thinks everyone wants to know my every thought!

If people notify me they enjoy it I'll resuurect it.

Until then...hope you had fun and laughed and maybe improved your mood. HUGZ N KIZZEZ