For obvious reasons, FEBRUARY 2020 will be a haunting memory for me

There was much fun, beauty, laughter and whimsy and adventure;

but there was also the worst moment of my life -- my husband's death.

Speaking as someone who has lived with 2 people who had mental health

issues (Britney and Daniel) I feel compelled to remind

you all of what I said of the movie JOKER.

Be kind to one another. Stop the cruelty.

Stop the apathy and sociopathy.

Mind your mental wellness and the wellness of even

strangers around you by BEING SWEET AND GENTLE AND SOFT!

The world is in dire need of us all to show courtesy, generosity and

forgiveness. Without it, the soul of the human race is in dire jeopardy.

PLEASE! March into the next month and every month thereafter with

whatever smiles, calm and consideration you can for one another.


Mean people suck! Be a hero, save the world from itself.

Step back from the brink of everything rude, curt, nasty, hostile.

We all need one another if this species is going to survive.

Take a LEAP this year...be the best possible YOU!


Feb 29, 2020



Shot 119.jpg

This morning's ride was magical

because of the snow.

I hated that it dumped snow on us

and I desperately ached for my

L.A. home, thinking how nice it

would be for some SOCAL warmth

but riding through a winter

wonderland has its mystical

ambiance and after-effects.

Now...saddle up...I'm riding

YOU next!


CLICK HERE or photo for video

Feb 28, 2020


I'll assume neither of you has any bread...? It's cool...it's cool...

A perfect day to catch up on

RIPTIDE dvds and maybe watch that

awesome romp in RAMPAGE!

A sexual rampage would also be...

(insert drooling tongue image here)

Also a good day to sort more through so much

still undiscovered on the HDs. You all know I'm not

one for including myself in most of my video/pics but

here's a few SUMMER DREAMS from the not-so-

distant past.


oh sweet summer........please cum........soon!

Feb 27, 2020

...it'll last longer...

See Ya (Bas) Soon!

I don't have any reason to ever rid the house

of the numerous instruments D. collected

over the years. Being the genius/composer

he was he had and played almost every

instrument in the orchestra and now they

decorate my life, reminders to smile at.

From his bassoon to his upright bass,

this steel-body collectors edition beauty

(left), his legacy includes so much that can't

be photographed.

The weather's wonkee so what's there to

do but invite the world in for blueberry

cheerios and chum around until the

March tide turns!

I never learned how to play an instrument

because my voice was mine.

Maybe it's time!

Feb 27, 2020


Shot 114.jpg

There's literally GIGS & GIGS of

footage I haven't sifted through

from the last decade much of it

shot with our VIDEO-GOGGLES

which allow me to ditch my phone

and by simply wearing sunglasses

film every POV you've seen that

necessitated HANDS-FREE...

As with GO-KARTING...which I

love and will be doing again.

My trusty goggles will help me

with my skydiving as it's done with

horseback riding and so many

other adventures. You can't

always tell what I'm saying because

my car was 'shuddering' the entire

time. Halfway through, the course

arrested all driving to help a driver.

FYI the guy with the blue shirt who

passes me right away is D.

His wonderful scents still on that

shirt which I sometimes cuddle

with because SCENT is our strongest




Feb 26, 2020


Below is Derek's review from today.

He is quite literally the best

'playmate' sex

I've had. Ever. Obviously that

doesn't include my dear-departed

and others outside my

playtime but as 'playmates' go...

DAMN!!! I told him so!


"I just saw Amy today.  This is the 2nd

time I have seen her.  My first time

was around January 2019. 

Between the two visits,  I couldn’t stop

thinking about the fun we had during

our first meeting and due to our

schedules never meshing, it took

me another year to see her and BOY!

What a blast Amy was.  I have visited

other girls in the past and

they do not compare to

Sweet Delicious Amy.   First, she treats

you as her lover and not some

customer.   She makes you feel like

a King in the bedroom.   She loves to

deep French kiss and her oral skills are

to die for.   She extremely tight and she

tastes so sweet down there.   

After leaving her place today,

I have decided to never visit

anyone except for Amy, she

blew my socks off and just writing

this review and

thinking about our time together,

it is getting me to want to visit

her again ASAP.   Her minimum

time is 1 hour and believe me, the

hour is well worth it, she really

takes her time with you and doesn’t

rush you out.   Just the thought of

Amy with her wonderful smile and

sweet personality is such a treat to

have discovered her.   Her personality

is amazing and matches up with

her talents in the bedroom. 

I hope everyone gets a chance to

experience Amy as she is hands down,

the best out there."

- Derek, Feb 26, 2020

Feb 26, 2020


I'm already nervous about SKYDIVING

and I haven't even done the I-FLY yet!

More than anything, of course, no one

wants to 'bounce'. Boobs bouncing is

one thing, but no one wants to leave

a crater coming in at 32 ft/second!

I'm working my way up to it and

should be taking my first solo-dives

by June latest.

Meanwhile, I promised D. I'd bounce around Canada

as much as possible this year and see this great country

from coast to coast hopefully! I may get back to Hawaii where I lived for a short time

and try to pick up some of D.'s great surfing skills but at the very least I'll

be at the beach and sailing something fierce all summer long.

Yes I am "long"-ing for better weather as I always do at this time of year.

I'll be bouncing home to L.A. soon enough and back before you know it.

For those who have asked or wonder still...yes D. was white...Irish mostly.


What do you call an Irish man bouncing off the walls?

Rick O Shea

I've added to SWANSONG for those interested. It means a lot to me

that so many of you have been checking updates. Thank you!

Feb 26, 2020


"Every kind word to another is a

repair to the crumbling dam

suppressing the last waters."

Thanks to everyone who not only

sample my moaning mojo but makes

the effort to say a kind word.

You are all, yourselves, fab!

I am reveling in the Feb warmth

in hopes my crossed fingers

have some mystical ushering powers

I'm not aware of to pull the sun a

teensie bit closer to us all just

a teensie bit sooner!


"Let the sun shine in...and face it

with a grin..." Soooo cute!

I guarantee I'll make you smile!

Feb 25, 2020


...go to heaven!

Feb 25, 2020


Watched the movie last week for the 4th

time...so wonderful! Probably his best after

The Presidio! It's official, today I have my first

DATE since D.'s passing and looking forward

rounding some bases myself with someone I've

known for some time and wants to see if there's

chemistry which I'm not big on. Chemistry dies.

Real connections are constructed

minute by minute of living and choosing.

I'm a fan of C.S. LEWIS' "The Four Loves"

especially that LOVE isn't nec for marriage.

Marrying for love is certain marital catastrophe.

But Regan and 3 other friends of mine have

cracked out the cards to play. For those

of you who aren't aware there are several

"games" or variations one of which we will

be playing where the cards are tipped against

the baseboards and then knocked down

from a distance by throwing cards

(as demonstrated by Piven's character in

SMOKIN' ACES). It's fun! It's a 70s thing!

Life should be fun! Have more fun!

Feb 24, 2020


YOUR nut that is!

Thanks to all you nutty guys

(and a few girls who can squirt!)

for the fun this week...let's try

to make this cumming week

extra creamy!

There's an audio version of this

little squirrelly sexploit

in the latest nostalgia clip

Regan and I are enjoying living

together full-time for the

first time (due to D.'s passing)

She'll be living in sin with me

for a few months for obvious

reasons and we'll be having

plenty of nutty adventures.

Feb 23, 2020

Sentimental Sunday!

Shot 100.jpg

 OMG I love nostalgia. Not just

the TV SHOWS (still having trouble

locating "Chico and The Man"

and have all of BARNABY

JONES...) but the commercials

"remember when you were a

kid...well part of you still is...

and that's why we make FAYGO!"





as adorable as THE FRIENDLY

GIANT. I hate that I missed all

of this! AGH! CLICK HERE

Feb 23, 2020



I've mentioned to many people over the years

that Daniel was originally to credit for many

colloquialisms over the years starting with

"Boo". He and his HS sweetheart used to

pretend to be YOGI and Boo-Boo and

eventually he called her his "boo".

That was 1982!

It would be another decade before that word worked its way through the

sociology, spread through DETROIT and then to L.A. to become a generic

euphemism. He also comically would joke that women know how to 'work the twins'

that became TWERK; and that term eventually spread 10 years later not referring

to breasts but...well...you get my point. 

I love picking up lingerie in foreign countries and places like MIAMI because

you find the most original stuff. Finding ANY retail that sells

my size is almost impossible. Canada is so banal in so many respects

about so many things.

My 32Ks are 100% real! Lord knows how that happened to a 4ft 10 girl!

Let's see if we can start another term Daniel used to comically call

breasts larger than DD -- HOOBIES...Huge Boobies -- HOOBIES.


You know you love it!

It made me laugh, especially because he was NOT into boobs AT ALL!

He was an 'assman', 'eyesman', 'tricepsman' and loved a girl

whose 'crotch' area looked amazing in tight jeans etc.

I hate using the term 'cameltoe' because I hate it as much as he did

but he was not a fan of that either! What a tacky/gross term! Ick!

This entire subject is rather an odd one to even address isn't it!?!?

HOOBIES! Let's make it the great new term for 2020!

I'll be posting another MDV later and might include my Hoobies...

if I can fit them into the panoramic view that is. HARDEEHARHAR!

Feb 23, 2020


Shot 095.jpg

With D. gone it's easy to get lost

in old video footage of great

places lustrous meals and

golden moments that make me

smile. I try not to chitter or include

myself in my videos but inevitably

it's going to happen.

Not intended to be self-centered.

Caboose shot from Ottawa is

awesome! Miss the train!

Going to keep my promise this

year to see more of Canada!

I'll post some other 'sentimental'

bits and pieces later.

Saturday is my morning to watch

old cartoons and other things that

help me take stock of history and my

place in it -- what I've missed being

born when I was and so forth.

You can access the vid here...

or click the photo above!


Feb 22, 2020


Now the sole proprietor or KFLY RADIO and KSXY

it's my privilege to attempt to honor the best music

on the planet by playing everything from



At the age of 20 I had no idea who specific artists were

that predated me and my childhood; and now I

appreciate everything from every decade and

genre (except maybe thrash and country).

It's sad that the first decade of my life was

the 90s -- totally musically bankrupt

compared to everything that came before it.

The last 20 years has improved but still

so much vacuous noise.

Feb 20, 2020

CELEB CamJam in 45 mins

It's 2:15 PM and we're inviting

at least 10 playmates for a live

CAMJAM with myself, Regan

and our celebrity guest.

KIK me for APP, access and PW

for cams before 3pm!

As always this should be

beyond fun and phunky.

Feb 20, 2020

Dropping By To Drop Loads

What a fantastic afternoon it was

for everyone and no clean-up

in aisle 3 necessary though Pepper

(my puppy) ate all the beef in the

lo-mein! As these events happen

this one went especially well!

Keep your eyes peeled for a

possible repeat or CAMJAM

Feb 19, 2020




En route home after my last prepaid

date GHOSTED on me

(I just don't get that!)

and we do have a 'winner' for the

MEET-N-EAT this afternoon.

gunna be taking today and tomorrow

with wife, guests/friends and will


Feb 19, 2020

Celeb Meet N Eat Today

'Round noon, Regan and I will be leaving the airport with our

celeb houseguest who was scheduled to visit roughly 'round

the time of D.'s passing and -- as with her last visit

8 months ago -- she will be welcoming one

LUCKY-as-FUCKY playmate/fan to come to the house

for some TATEMONO and socializing which will

undoubtedly end up being another kind of SUSHI.



'As always with these events, you will need to have the stones to ACTUALLY SHOW

(it has happened that people did not carry-through like cowards).

To 'win' this opportunity there's always a skill-testing question.

Reviewing former MEET N EAT events in the previous months and years is always

recommended. And, of course, comprehensive familiarity with me is always

a profitable thing. Therefore, the first playmate who KIKs the correct answer to

the question below will be shining and dining with (and probably ON)

our illustrious hotty-body! Good luck to all! It's 3am. You have 10 hours.

QUESTION: What movie was playing in LEAMINGTON, Ont when I

gave a lucky stranger a handjob with D., Brit & Regan

present in the theater?

Feb 19, 2020

Girls Just Wanna Have


Ladies are always free and fab!

Even just a small token demonstrates

class and consideration.

You're a pretty cunning linguist

yourself and what happens at YYZ

stays at YYZ.

Life is meant to be fun and fab!


Let's do it!

Feb 18, 2020



Thanks so much for all your kind words

and the flowers were gorgeous

and the gooey so goooooodey!

Two years was too long! If you

haven't seen me in

a long time, now's a good wintry

time to warm up

the engine and get it running

smooth and fiery!

Feb 18, 2020

SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY CUMS...                           Feb 17, 2020

Now that I'm back in GTA, I'm all revved up and ready to roll...in the hay?...sheets?

floor?...maybe we can finesse a chair?...whatever we do, let's get those chemicals

reacting, those naughty parts sweaty and quivering!

Sex is always the best medicine! Let's cure whatever blues be illin' ya!

Thanks to all for the condolences, flowers and gifts! You're a class-act!

Those who did not...more than a bit disappointed! (sad face)

You'll find me wearing my .45 ADAPTER jewelry in memory of my

dear-departed...it was the record label icon/logo which will also now be laid

to rest. No rest for the wicked baby! And I am wicked...

And believe you me...SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY CUMS...


As stated a few months ago, I am welcoming any and all serious interest in dating.

Most men aren't comfy with what I do OR the POLY concept so if you are feel free

to court me provided (as always) you don't smoke, do drugs and if you're

married your wife is cool with it! No secrets in my world and like to keep it that way.

I am putting the record label to bed and a few other things and recreating

myself in some respects starting with SKYDIVING...

terrified YES but LIFE is a loss without RISK and danger.

I am embracing The Pandora Principle: If all Hell breaks loose...OH WELL!

The waiting is over for those who have been... I've updated the VIP

and THE VAULT with 111 minutes of sexy L.A. shenanigans with

Britney and others and even have some footage of Daniel's

last months with us at his funniest and most wonderful!

You'll also find footage from the Japan leg of the last tour and

for posterity's sake here's one of Daniel's songs on which I sang....enjoy!

02 RolloverSUGARFALL (Feat. Amy D.)
00:00 / 04:10

Death does not always come suddenly.

In the case of Daniel (my husband) it came gradually.

We were all of us blessed enough to have had not only clear and

emphatic forewarning, but also many more days than were

predicted. It gave us all more than gracious time to

emotionally-prepare ourselves for what loomed.

We had time to travel when his health permitted, time to discuss

every detail of the moment itself and whatever came thereafter. 

I am grateful for this. So very grateful.

I am now a widow, something one does not assume

they will be at such a young age.

The poly life leaves me without the most

extraordinary man that ever lived but with two wives,

two girlfriends and a circle of support from

people who knew him and loved him.

Though I know most have no interest in my marriage

or even knowing that I had a husband I, of course,

have much to say and would like to share it nevertheless.

It would mean so much to me if even a few people

set themselves aside to share in this site-celebration of

probably the most amazing man to ever set foot on this planet.

...click for more...

 Feb 14, 2020


What girl

doesn't love

some good


I love to make

those blase



Let's go



Valentine's Day is close enough

to feel the heat from its Cupidian Fire

Let's warm up against the winter

You...me...and your wood makes


FEB 11,2020



Sunday's a sweet meat n eat day!

Your kind words are like sugar on my

lips and hips and inspire me!

Thank you thank you thank you!

FEB 10,2020

As most now know my 'little jaunt'

away was to Hard Rock Stadium in

Miami Gardens, Florida where I was

behind the scenes with Shakira

(known affectionately as Izzy to those

close to her), JLO and in the

locker-rooms, tunnels and on the

field during the festivities

and then of course the

"Afterburn" which is the fun where

all the naughty shenanigans happen.

I've posted 93 mins of said adventures

in the VIP area. I also

grabbed some amazing new BRAS

while there and will be bowled over

with post-Superbowl frenzy for at

least 2 weeks...so let's go deep

and light up the board!


Both Izzy and JLO are so wired

before and after a performance.

This was my first experience with this

other than BRITNEY so it was

unique for sure and memorable.

I can barely believe I didn't watch

football for the first 20 years of my life!


I admit I'm extra enthusiastic

after my fun in MIAMI

but I'm thrilled it showed

and was equally-thrilled to

make so many cum at least

twice and roar like lions.

If you didn't catch this else-

where on my site about me


playmates roar really loudly.

SAVE $60 Til The 15th 

Kisses, Hugs,

Hearts & Flowers

flow and fly, flutter and giggle as

I embrace the 10 days leading to


Here's how you can save $60 on top

of my already-reduced gift.

1) Show up with Uber Gift card

2) Prepay

3) Review!

Write a review of your last fun with me

and as long as you've done 1 & 2

You can keep $60 you'd

normally give me!

This offer ends 12:01am Feb 15th! 

FEB 5 2020


After a quick jaunt away I will be back

with mouth watering, thighs quivering,

eyes sparkling, and prepped to say


(my official fave Feb words).

Click here or the JANUARY above

to check out this new year's

BLOG up until now.


is in the works...


is here until the new archives

are complete


The info is very valuable to you!