When the song "IF U SEEK AMY" was released, many people did not catch the

'trick' with the title/lyrics. Consequently, though I use the song title,

many people do not see it

For the record, BRITNEY meant 'FUCKME'.


See it now? Say it aloud again. Now you get it.

"Love me, hate me, say what you want about me, but all of the boys and all of

the girls are beggin to F.U.C.K ME"

Watch the video on vevo:



There's no better way to keep sane in the winter than plenty of sex.

There's a sorta cooped-up cage atmosphere with snow and cold.

Must admit I'm troubled by Canadians complaining about the weather when global

warming has resulted in 80% less snow and brittle cold than 30 years ago!

The good news for me is I'm too brown to get lost in the snowstorm!

"I know what boys like..."

So I L O V E retro music. Music from the past 30 years since I was born isn't bad.

But it's pretty obvious the 70's/80's had an authenticity missing from the electronic evolution. I might seem unlikely to adore BLOOM COUNTY but OPUS and Bill

rock my world! I'm fascinated by the vanishing bees and what it means to our ecosystem and survival as a species: and yes I know some celebs who have

"experimented" with elephants!


Culture Shock Therapy

There's nothing to compare with how traveling and immersing yourself in an OTHER

culture where thousands of years of folkways and religion has helped sharpen the

switchblades hiding in people's pockets. Philosophy courses cannot do justice

to discovering squid Doritos and people screwing by the side of the road

with impunity. If anything has kept my flux in check, it has been the ever-knocking

knuckles on the door to my center of cultural gravity.

“I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.” 
― Edgar Allan Poe

Jealousy & Nostalgia

I never understood jealousy. Envy yes. There's literally nothing wrong with observing someone else's superiority and admiring it, wanting to become it

yourself. It's more than healthy to have something to aspire to and witness it embodied in others. The finest path to acquiring greatness is having another to learn it from. But jealousy is fundamentally self-destructive & moot.

I suppose I crave nostalgia in my tv/movies/music because they were

reflecting a time so much less poisoned.

The January Man

As it turns out, January ended up being my best month ever; and when I reward myself I tend to reach for things that are either very "summer"-esque or belong to little eddies in the year's waters where I feel most comfy. In this case going to Cancun on a private charter is a good start (don't worry...I didn't pay for it!), and I decided to watch KEVIN KLINE movies including his somewhat obscure


Like Britney, I'm not a strong 'flyer' and movies tend to blend the experience

into a more palatable aerial beverage. If you haven't seen all of Kevin's flix, I highly recommend his filmography including CONSENTING ADULTS. There are only about 12 westerns I actually like and SILVERADO is right up with UNFORGIVEN and

the remake of TRUE GRIT (not Kline flix).

Thanks to all the JANUARY MEN who made this such a great month

and kept the winter from being BLAH!


There are (unfortunately) many people who are 'negative'.

This word comes from the root 'negate' which means to deny

and -- if you wish to be more thorough --

deny the existence of. Are YOU a negator? Are you surrounded by 'negators'?

Sadly, 'negators' are like cancer cells. They kill the healthy cells and hijack them, like vampires, like body-snatchers, they populate the current bloodstream until every YES becomes a NO.

I admit I have my own struggles with this but I'm working overtime to

become a YES rather than a NO.

TAXI drivers are notorious for being NO people. Start a conversation with

them and regardless of what you say, the first thing they say is 'no...' or 'but...'

Doesn't matter what you say... they'll disagree. They feed off of conflict and

contradiction like it is air!

Start watching how you interact with people.

You might be more of a negator than you think.

Hard to be happy when you're not saying YES to life. 

Death & The Maiden

So much chatter about death and people dying.

I just steer clear of it. Life is too short and too challenging to invest any of my valuable time in conversations about the morose and grim.

Don't cry for me Argentina...I focus my heart and soul on having the

most adventure and pleasure I can have while it is there to be had.

The dead don't know you're pining and mourning:

love them while they are alive so you don't have to make up for it after they die. .


What we have coined 'Love' is really just a chemical addiction

like crack or heroin.

The chemicals mixed and released together into our brains creating what we

'feel' is quite literally no different than shooting up any number of legal

and illegal drugs like prozac, valium or XTC.

This is not to say the chemical explosion isn't awesome and we shouldn't crave and pursue it. It's just a good idea to keep these realities in check enough to not chop off any ears or sacrifice ourselves to any gods -- or even

another human being -- because of a little sugar-rush.

If there IS real LOVE, it isn't something you feel: it's something you choose.

When we choose (not because of emotion/chemicals) to devote our

time and selves to someone by sacrificing something of

ourselves for their benefit...that's love.

For a day...an hour...for a lifetime...that is love.

The chemistry should be the reward, not the cause.

Breaking The Ice

I'm never surprised when it sometimes takes men to warm up to me or even to

just having sex or any kind of intimacy. After years of mistreatment it's a wonder

they trust anyone at all anymore, let alone women. I feel like most women give

ALL women a bad name. The real winter of our discontent is somewhere in the

doldrums where we can all find ourselves hovering like pollen on a hot summer day

On a lighter note...how sexy is this song...


The Door Closes...

January (meaning 'door') is about to close...

More needs to be said than can be right now so perhaps

I'll say very little and revisit this after Valentine's Day.

I like doorways and I love doors.

They give us a sense of finality and closure as we

move from here to there, wandering through the emotional rooms of our lives.

It's been a kind winter.

Let's try to be positive and agreeable to life, ourselves, to one another.

Let's try to bring kind weather into our relationships.

The world is becoming colder contrary to global weather.

Everyone's responsible for that decline in kindness.

Let's do our best in February (the coldest month of the year)

to warm it up.

 . .