I could write about this subject for days.

Seems scarce these days to find things or people that inspire.

Most people want to see themselves as something more

than they actually are -- as though they should be an inspiration

to others -- when they are really quite mundane or less.

I've found a great deal of inspiration in many things over

the years but nothing inspires me more than those who do

something very well or better than everyone else.

Some people just work harder and more fiercely at things

and demonstrate grit, commitment and ferocity when it

comes to excellence and, by doing so, summon us all to the

alter of ambition and perfection, kicking and screaming usually.

I don't know how many people I've met over the last decade

who were given the opportunity to improve themselves

their lives, others around them and the world in general

and simply sputtered out because it required something..