I guarantee you those most openly "PATRIOTIC" are also most

likely the least reliable people on the planet.

It's frighteningly simple to appear patriotic because one's patriotism

isn't something most people will ever have tested,

unlike RELIABILITY which is tested every minute of every day.

These past couple of years people I assessed to be some of the

most stalwart, reliable characters I thought I knew have shocked

me with their startling and troubling true colors.

They talked a big game but that's all it was -- a game.

As citizens of our respective nations, none of us will be offered

millions to sell secret documents or even renounce our birthplace.

We will not be troubled by the opportunities given Snowden

or The Falcon/Snowman or Robert Hanssen.

We will unlikely be called-to-arms and our loyalty to our

way of life reliant on us shooting a foreigner on site.

We will likely never have our patriotism genuinely tested

We need simply make declarations and cheer at our flag..