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You've discovered the


Easter Egg, one of

many hidden links on

my site which -- if

properly used -- can

result in a pretty

tasty reward. As most

know both Brit & I

LOVE kids books like

this and the one you

found the hidden link

at. So your reward

will be reading us both

a bedtime story after

wearing us both out!

This will include

enough time to wear

yourself out!   (next....)

To collect your prize

you will need the

location of the link

that got you here,

a screen shot of

Britney's future post

of this book, and

the name of the

my favorite kid's

book (classic). 

Provided you are a

regular playmate in

good standing and are

first to KIK me the

correct info, you'll

win! Happy hunting!

MARCH 27 2021

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