It's impossible for me to capsulize music here.

I'm creating an entire area that's devoted to music.

For now...I'll attempt to TEN this but realize it's like trying to

shove a planet through a pinhole.


One of the things that makes this so impossible is that I

love music from as early as the 20's and as current as yesterday.

I love classic rock and want to say every song in my TOP 10

has to logically be from that genre.

But the truth is, I love disco and I love some jazz and I love

stuff like Jean-Michael Jarre and George Winston.

And, of course, my main squeeze is a musical genius that

blows them all away. If I include his music (and, of course

Brit's music), no one else would have a spot.

This leaves me avoiding most music I love to

principally choose from the predictable. we go...