In the movie THE MOSQUITO COAST Harrison Ford's genius

character declares ICE is the 'yardstick of civilization'.

I have become increasingly agreeable to this axiom/truism.

Therefore, I've decided to add this area to the site as a place I can

diatribe endlessly and most annoyingly about everything in society that

grinds my gears or inspires me (though I'm sure it will end up being the first

of these that tends to manifest here). Those who know me know I tend

to slide to the positive about LIFE in general and all things therein.

This does not mean I do not have peeves and even infuriating irks

that make me wanna take someone into a dark

alley with a baseball bat and some husky friends. For those to whom

whom this might matter or for whom it might be entertaining...

welcome to The ICEHOUSE.