I don't watch or read the news.

Another list of tragedies distanced from me by geography/circumstance

and numerous other things beyond our control.

People always say 'I want to stay informed' but I'm not sure WHY anyone

wants to stay informed of so much ugliness that we all know is happening

even if we don't watch the details. Either you're a sociopath who moves on

afterwards because it doesn't affect you, or it DOES affect you because

you're not a sociopath and you're tormenting yourself about things

you can do nothing about. If there IS something you can do and you don't

then do it, then we're back to sociopathI don't kid myself that I can do

something, nor do I kid myself that I would if I could. Horrible events are

unraveling as we speak and it seems awfully warped to want to watch

just how horrible it is. If it doesn't depress you then there's something

wrong with you, and if it does depress you, then how is that healthy?

I keep in contact on the most intimate of levels with people

I can actually have some sort of influence on.

Theirs is NEWS enough for me.