As most people who know me are aware...I consider myself OMNISEXUAL.

or at least OMNISEXUAL in the making.

As I said in other areas of the site it is difficult to define the term to

most people because most people are MONOSEXUAL.

MONOsexual means there is (for the most part) only one sexual orientation

they live to. They are heterosexual, or bisexual or homosexual etc.

There are, of course, other sexual persuasions/dispositions not among

these, but most people belong to ONE of these, making them


I am not 100% OMNISEXUAL. I charted a course for this years ago

and have been sailing at one tack or another for that horizon.

I am far from MONOsexual.

Explaining it, then, to those who are MONOsexual means delving into

sexuality they are simply not nearly as prepared to think about as

they would like to consider themselves.

As a rule most people surprise themselves with how uneasy they are

with the conversation/idea when it comes time to have it.