As I've mentioned many times, what turns me on isn't really important to me

when I'm with playmates. However, every now and then a playmate

really does care and wants to know what he can say/talk about

during our fun to ring my bell, light my fire, make me crazy.

For 29 VIPS this has been my best-guarded secret.

They all know it and know how to use it to make me lose my wits!

Yes there are many taboos that drive me insane but at heart

(now that this is likely my last year doing this) I'm a cuckold girl.

This means nothing gets my blood boiling more than my

playmates teasing me and talking in detail about

who my hubby sleeps with and what he's doing to them

and what they're doing to him.

Men aren't always co-operative with this because they feel it's

a threat to their masculinity and identity but I have more respect

for those fun and confident enough to do it than any other people

on the planet.

So...if you want to get an extra 25% excitement (minimum)

out of me while we're going at it...there's my magic button.

Get informed, get off on it yourself, get me going's entirely up to you.

Or avoid the subject entirely. NBD!